Il Percorso

The Experience

The Pinacoteca of the “Ala Ponzone” Civic Museum is located in the sixteenth century Affaitati building. Established over the centuries from the 16th century, mainly with the collections of the Ponzone family, linked to public use with the testament of the Marquis Giuseppe Sigismondo Ala Ponzone in 1842, and expanded with works from some suppressed Cremonese churches.

What you will see

Today the collection of paintings and sculptures counts more than two thousand pieces, only partially exhibited in the rooms of the Museum, among which the “San Francesco in Meditation” by Caravaggio and “L’ortolano” by Giuseppe Arcimboldi stand out. A recent intervention led to the opening of the Sala del Platina, which contains the precious inlaid wardrobe, a masterpiece of Renaissance art of renaissance, executed for the Cathedral of Cremona between 1477 and 1480 by the Mantuan artist Giovanni Maria da Piadena, known as Platina . The Civic Museum also houses the Stanze per la Musica or the collection of historical instruments by Carlo Alberto Carutti, one of the most important collections of string instruments for quality, rarity and state of conservation of the instruments that make it up.



Palazzo Ala Ponzone


2 h


Included for people with disabilities