Il Percorso

The Experience

The new Archaeological Museum (inaugurated in 2009) is located in the deconsecrated Basilica of San Lorenzo and in the annexed 15th century Cappella Meli. The Romanesque church of San Lorenzo stands on the ruins of an older church, dated to the tenth century, built in turn on the area of an early Christian funerary building and a necropolis of Roman Republican age: the museum is therefore itself an archaeological site , whose remains are still largely visible.

What you will see

The museum exhibits the most significant part of the Cremonese archaeological collections: through the findings made from the nineteenth century until the recent excavation in Piazza Marconi, it allows to reconstruct the image of the city founded by the Romans in 218 BC, the oldest in the territory to north of the Po. Included in the present experience is a virtual visit to the Domus del Ninfeo.



Via San Lorenzo, 4


1 h


Included for people with disabilities.