Il Percorso

The Experience

Art and Liberty architecture have softened the appearance of Cremona in the early twentieth century. The city loses its walls and its doors but is enriched with very light and varied concrete flowers, sinuous and captivating lines in wrought iron, colored and bright glass.
Also many commercial businesses related to the production and sale of sweets, among which Cremonese Nougat, have entrusted the care of their shops to designers, carvers, plasterer and decorators of the New Art.

What you will see

The route includes the discovery of this part of the city’s history, among buildings and places full of charm, representing a light and innovative art. The experience develops between Corso Garibaldi and Corso Campi to end in the most significant streets of the heart of the city.



Cremona Town Center


2 h


1,00 km


Palazzo Cittanova


inclusive for people with disabilities