Il Percorso


“I’ll tell you about Cremona” is designed for those who arrive in Cremona for the first time. We will tell you the history of the city through the most significant events that will be narrated by a guide, looking at some of the monuments that make our city unique in the world. We will understand together with a pleasant walk why Cremona exists and how its appearance has changed over the centuries.

What you will see

We will walk along the cardo and the decumanus of the Roman city, we will talk about the destruction of the city of 69 A.D., we will assess Middle-Age Cremona and we will dive in the description of Piazza del Comune and the magnificent building site of the Cathedral, inside which it will be possible to deepen the discovery of Cremonese Renaissance art in the central nave. “I’ll tell you about Cremona” is a journey made up of stories of men, wars, art, architecture, music, colors and symbols. We are waiting for you to live together our city!



Town center


2 h


2,00 km


Piazza dei Filodrammatici


Inclusive for people with disabilities