The first “technological” step was, in 2015, the use of drones to perform aerial shots of the city, then used to create videos of self promotion and promotion of local realities.



In 2016, the implementation and use of the 360 ° technology was carried out, using Oculus, a visor that allows, once worn, to be totally immersed in a virtual reality created ad hoc.


The developments in the field of virtual reality led the Pro Cremona team to realize, in 2017, the first 3D reconstruction of the ancient Roman Domus in Piazza Marconi, a long and demanding work that was presented to the public at the Cremona Tec-Night of June 2018.



The Oh Cat Cup project was born with a double intention, that is to enhance the Cremonese gastronomic culture, creating, at the same time, a competition that could involve the public of Cremona and the province. The Oh Cat Cup experiment showed how it is possible to create online communication using traditional topics.


Concretely, the goal is to convey with the PRO CREMONA brand a series of cultural and experiential offers related to Cremona and its territory. The reception and the accompaniment of tourists through a quality service.